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New deck 1 story high

Every phase of the project went smooth as silk. From the estimate meetings , contract review and signing, working with the township inspector, starting the project and six short days later an absolute beautiful perfect deck completed. You can absolutely see that Dimitri’s dedication in doing a perfect job – as if the deck was attached to his own home. Everything is professional and on paper. He picked up the cell every time I called with a question. When it comes to installing decks you know right away that you have the best deck guy on the planet. Guess what else the price wasn’t too low or too high it was JUST RIGHT. I love the pictures of the great job and so long handshakes. Nice touch to the end of a great working relationship. So can you see that I think this is the guy you should call for your perfect deck. I am going to get Dimitri to work with my brother for his deck too.

Mike Agovino

installation of steps and sliding glass door and kitchen remodel

We recently had Dmitri create an exit to our patio which involved breaking open an exterior wall, installing sliding glass doors and building stairs to our concrete patio. Dmitri presented as a very honest and appeared to take a lot of pride in his work. The project was finished on time and the results were amazing.

We were so happy with the results we invited him back to complete our kitchen remodel. Dmitri was very patient and worked with us to create a wonderful plan for our kitchen. He was very organized and kept the work site very clean. He supported us through all of the decision making process and made the remodel very easy. Because of his careful planning there were no hidden cost and we remain on budget. Dmitri was punctual and reliable. We also liked that he worked hard to recycle materials from our old kitchen as much as possible to reduce our foot print on local landfills. The kitchen was finished on time and the results were phenomenal!

For us it is also important that we really liked Dmitri as a person. He was very honest and detailed oriented. We have had other services providers in our home and often times they were not respectful of our home or our routines. Dmitri and the individuals he brought in to help were overall good people and it made the intrusion of construction much easier to bare.

Dmitri will be the first person we call for any future projects in our home without a doubt.

David and Marjorie Pezzeca

Marjorie Pezzeca

Front steps, deck landing, and new patio.

Recently, we had our falling apart concrete front steps replaced with a landing with steps to a new patio. We used Smart Choice Construction and they did excellent work with fair pricing! Dmitri Tourchiev is a wonderful person to work with and he is very professional. When he gave us his description of what he would do and how he would do it, it was obvious he really knew his stuff and we had perfect confidence in him.
He and his crew were punctual throughout the process and extremely reliable. When he said they would be there on a certain day and how long it would take, (which wasn’t long at all), he kept his word and they also cleaned up everything, beautifully.
Over the past year since we bought our home, I have been horrified by so many workers and companies, from plumbers, roofers, HVAC, and electricians. So many people today are not skilled or they are not honest or reliable. It has been so refreshing to have a person and his company with such high integrity!

Dolores and Charlie Price

Dolores Price


Over the past few years we’ve made several home improvements, most recently replacing our aging wooden deck with one that incorporates a variety of synthetic materials. As disappointed as we were when potential contractors failed to follow up on our projects, neglecting even the courtesy of informing us they would not do the work, we should thank them, because it enabled us to finally make the right choice, the smart choice, Smart Choice Construction.

Working with Dmitri Tourchiev was a pleasure from beginning to end. He helped us navigate our options, envision our deck, and worked with us to make it happen as efficiently as possible. He placed a high priority on communication and was always punctual. While discussing the project and watching him work, it became obvious that he’s a craftsman who exhibits an extraordinary degree of attention to detail, and sets customer satisfaction as his highest priority. We love our new deck. Without hesitation we would choose Smart Choice again, and we give them our highest recommendation.

James Geckle

New Deck

Simply put, Dimitri of Smart Choice Construction is AWESOME. First and foremost, he is an honorable, courteous man who truly wants his customers to be 100% satisfied with the work he’s done. That means he listens to you and hears what you want done. He then explains, in detail, what he can and will do to make it happen. If you change your mind during the planning stage, he is happy to work with you on the changes. If something should come up during construction, he explains what’s going on and works with you to figure out a solution. As a result, there are no surprises during the construction process or in the final results. Second, and equally important, he does excellent work. He pays attention to the details, which results in superb craftsmanship and meticulous work. In addition, he is prompt when he makes an appointment with you and is willing to go the extra mile to keep the construction on schedule. AND he cleans up the construction site so that it is as clean, if not cleaner, than when he found it. All in all, I’m thrilled with Dimitri’s work and the deck is truly beautiful. When it is time to do my kitchen, Dimitri is the one I’m going to call.

Thank you, Dimitri. It was wonderful working with you.

Julia Belknap

Azek Deck with Lights

Dimitri is truly a unique individual especially in the contractor world. He has all the qualities the most customer service oriented and demanding consumer would want. He is responsive, knowledgeable, polite, respectful and an absolute master of his trade making the ordinary look extraordinary. His knowledge and confidence when discussing numerous types of building materials and the way he carried himself made me want to hire him and that certainly proved to be the smartest decision I ever made. His pride in his workmanship and attention to every little detail made my deck project look like it belongs on a million dollar home. Want it done right? Dimitri is your guy as he really simply put is that good and exceeded any expectations I ever could have imagined. You will not be disappointed by any aspect of your process, so look no further. Smart Choice is definitely the right choice, period.

It went amazing! Kitchen turned out great!

Dimitri of Smart Choice Construction did an entire kitchen remodel for us and put new flooring throughout. He did an amazing job. Always comes through with what he says and his prices are very fair. Work is beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! If you don’t hire him, you are missing out. 
Jacqueline Schnell

New deck & master bathroom

We now have a beautiful new master bath and back deck thanks to Dimitri of Smart Choice Construction! His outstanding attention to detail shows in his work along with his commitment of getting the job done on time and on budget!

Sandy & Chip Fasano

Best Deck

After we met with Dmitri (Owner of Smart Choice Construction) we knew we had found the right contractor for our deck. He was very professional and knowledgeable and was willing to answer any questions or address concerns throughout each phase of the project. Dmitri was genuinely concerned with making us 100% satisfied and that was very refreshing. The product Dmitri delivered to us is by far the best deck craftsmanship I’ve seen. From start to finish he was top notch and we don’t regret a single thing. With regard to schedule he finished the project ahead of contracted completion date and always arrived as promised.

Joe Peden

Azek Deck

My new deck is absolutely beautiful!!!! Dmitri is an excellent craftsman with vision and superior skills.

Cathie Null

New Deck

We were extremely happy with Smart Choice Construction and the service they provided! Dmitri was such a pleasure to work with! He is extremely knowledgeable and professional in his field. His attention to detail is impeccable! We couldn’t be happier with our deck and we plan on continuing to use his services for future projects!

Bill McKay

Kitchen Remodel

In January 2017, Dimitri from the SMART CHOICE CONSTRUCTION has done the remodeling of our kitchen. The entire work was performed fast and perfectly done. We could not be more pleased. Dimitri was on time, working without making a mess, friendly, and great craftsmanship. He made lots of great suggestions to what was to be done, when and how. He stuck to the schedule and completed the work early. We are very happy with his work, products and workmanship. We are glad that we picked him and his company to do the work. We will have him come back, if we need to remodel other areas in our home. Thank you Dimitri.

Dean and Helena

Kitchen and Bathrooms Renovation

The renovation of our kitchen and bathrooms is the second job that Dimitri has done for us, having previously built a deck. Given his excellent skills and work ethic, we knew from the start that we wanted Dimitri to be our contractor.

Some of the assets he brought to the job included: showing up on time, keeping us informed of the details of the project, making cost saving and design suggestions which were very helpful, making sure that we understood the project details, and always working hard to please us.

He brought an impressive variety of skills and knowledge to the job, and, most impressive of all, his work ethic is outstanding.

Thank you Dimitri for all your hard work on our most beautiful kitchen and bathrooms.

Sy and Rhonda Seiden